Do You Need a Detox Massage?

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If you have been feeling achy, sluggish, bloated, or just plain “icky,” you should consider a detoxification massage.

Detox massage is a highly specialized technique that is quite different from what most people are familiar with when they think of a massage.  Through the use of specialized, rhythmic strokes it encourages stagnant fluid to move throughout your body.

Let’s face it…we don’t all eat like we should, we don’t exercise regularly, and many of us don’t sleep enough.  Detox massage can help to move out the crud that we shouldn’t have eaten, facilitates movement of the fluid throughout the tissues, and promotes very deep relaxation and sleep.

Massage Gets Rid of Fatigue and Headaches

Among the many benefits of detoxification massage are the relief of fatigue and headaches.  If you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, or migraines, this type of massage can provide you with significant relief.

Massage Increases Filtration

When our bodies have not been up and moving around, the natural process through which toxins are moved out from between our cells and flushed from the body is hindered.  As a result, we feel lethargic – like we are dragging and have no energy.  Getting a detox massage can leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Massage Removes Excess Fluid & Reduces Swelling

When we don’t move fluid accumulates and causes swelling.  Detoxification massage moves this fluid away from the area, reducing pain and inflammation.  If you have swollen joints, puffy eyes, ankles, or legs a detox massage can reduce the swelling significantly.

Massage Promotes Healing

When we are injured or if we have had a surgical procedure, fluid accumulates in that area.  Detox massage facilitates the healing process by reducing swelling and removing wastes produced by injured tissues.

Massage Reduces Anxiety

Detoxification massage induces very deep relaxation.  It is considered perhaps the most relaxing form of massage.  Most people fall asleep within minutes of beginning a detox massage.

Massage Removes Metabolic Wastes & Toxins

As fluid is moved from the extremities (arms, legs, head) toward the center of the body where it can be filtered, it carries with it toxins and metabolic wastes that have stagnated and pooled in the body causing aches and pains.

Massage Improves Elimination

Detoxification massage can also improve bowel function.  If you suffer from constipation, the relaxation and movement provided in detox massage can get things moving again.

Massage Helps You Avoid Illness

Detoxification massage has a profound effect on the body’s immune system.  By promoting the movement of fluids that move pathogens, microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, out of the body, detox massage helps to keep you healthy.  If you have a fever you should wait until it is gone before having a detox massage.

Get the Most from Your Massage

Drinking water before and after your detox massage is important to get the best result.  It may sound counterintuitive, but consuming water before and after your massage actually helps your body to remove toxins and excess fluid.  If you don’t have enough water in your system after a detox massage, the toxins will hang out in your bloodstream and won’t be removed.  This can make you feel even ickier, so drink lots of water the day of your detox massage.

Get a Massage Regularly

Detoxification massage is a great way to keep yourself feeling great.  Make it part of your regular routine by scheduling one every couple of weeks.  Regular massage not only keeps you feeling great, but it also helps promote the production of cells that fight disease.

Pair with Myofascial Massage

For the ultimate massage, try pairing your detoxification massage with a myofascial massage.  Once the toxic-filled fluid has been moved out of your system through detox massage, myofascial massage can free up stuck tissues leaving you feeling more relaxed than you have in ages.

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Detox massage is not safe for people who have compromised kidneys or heart conditions because they must work harder to get rid of the fluid pulled out of the body by detox massage.