Services & Rates

•  Swedish Massage

•  Deep Tissue Massage

•  Fibromyalgia Therapy Massage

•  Breast Health Massage

•  Scar Tissue Massage

•  Lymphatic Drainage Massage

•  Myofascial Pain Relief Massage

•  Trigger Point Therapy Massage

•  Back Pain Relief Massage

•  Neck & Shoulder Release Massage

•  Carpal Tunnel Release

•  Sports Therapy Massage

•  Elder Massage

•   Reflexology

Clinic Hours
(at ZenLife Yoga in Queen Creek)

1 hour  – $64
1.5 hours – $96
2 hours – $128


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On-site (at your home or business)
1 hour*  – $105
1.5 hours – $137
2 hours – $169

* First hour rate includes travel and setup.
If a second person receives a massage during a single visit,
the rate for the above services is $64/hour and $32/half-hour.

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Swedish Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Craniosacral Therapy Massage, gentle strokes
Foot Reflexology Foot Massage
Deep Tissue Shoulder
carpal tunnel massage
spa back massage
Sports Therapy Massage

About Our Mobile Rates

Our first hour rates for our mobile massage service factor in the additional
time and effort for loading up gear, travel, and setup.  
The time spent coming to you means we aren’t massaging other people,
so it is meant to help compensate for the time we would otherwise be earning money.

Time beyond the first hour is based on an on-site rate.

The More, The Merrier!

If more than one person books at the same location,
rates for subsequent massages will be based on on-site rates.

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