What Takes Place

During a Massage?

Massage With Candles - What takes place during a massage?

What takes place during a massage?

You will then be taken to a treatment room (or shown to the table if it is in your home), and the massage therapist will instruct you to undress (if appropriate) to your level of comfort and will leave the room for a few minutes to provide you with privacy.  The level of comfort in undressing varies from one person to the next and your massage therapist will work with whatever that comfort level is.  Some forms of massage such as Thai massage and chair massage are done clothed.

After undressing, you will get onto the massage table under the sheet (if you are unclothed) and the therapist will be in shortly to begin the massage.

Depending on the type of massage you request and your specific areas of concern, the massage therapist will ask you to start on your back or on your stomach.   If, for example, you are asked to start out face down, the massage therapist will work your upper back and shoulders and move to the lower back.  From there he or she will proceed down your legs and to your feet.  

When the therapist is ready for you to turn over, he or she will raise the sheet just enough so that you can comfortably turn over while remaining fully covered.  Typically the massage therapist will work the neck, face and scalp, the shoulders and pectoral muscles, the arms and hands, front of the legs and feet. 

When the massage is over, the massage therapist will leave the room so you can get dressed. You will then meet the therapist out front to pay and provide any feedback that you might want added to your file for your next visit – such as you really enjoyed deep pressure on your upper back, but your calves need lighter pressure.

Ask Spoiled Rotten Massage

Feel free to reach out to us via phone (501-352-7438) or email. We are very happy to go over any questions you may have that were not covered here. 

Questions are how we learn.  There are no “bad” questions (except the ones that go “un-asked”), and you should not feel shy about asking something you don’t know – even if you think that it may be embarrassing.  There is a very good chance that you aren’t the first person who has asked that question.

Spoiled Rotten Massage abides by HIPAA standards.  So just like when you go to the doctor, any personal medical information provided will not be disclosed outside of HIPAA guidelines.