Is There Anything I Need

To Do After a Massage?

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Is there anything I should do after a massage?


Yes!  This is a great question.

All forms of massage, from the very lightest touch given in lymph massage to the deepest deep tissue massage, cause your body to rid itself of waste products.  Those may come in the form of fluids that have been stagnant and are oxygen deprived to the breakdown of tissue such as adhesions.

Once these wastes are set into motion through massage, they enter the blood stream and are subsequently filtered out by the kidneys.  This extra work on the kidneys means you need to drink lots of extra water to help the process along.  (For that matter, hydrating yourself prior to getting a massage is also helpful.)

You may not think that a Swedish spa style massage would require this, but it does.  Failure to drink enough fluids following a massage means that the wastes often don’t make it all the way out of the tissues and into the blood.  This can result in soreness, especially following deep tissue work.

The other thing that is very important is at your next appointment to tell your massage therapist how you felt after your previous massage. 

Was an area very tender?  Was there a technique they used that was especially helpful in relieving pain or that helped you to relax deeper?  Likewise, if there was something you really did not like, let your therapist know. 

The more you communicate with your therapist, the better results you will get.

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