What about Areas that are
Uncomfortable to Have
Exposed or Touched?

stretching legs massage therapy areas that are uncomfortable to have exposed or touched

What about areas that are uncomfortable for me to have exposed or touched?

Sometimes people have tightness in areas where they are uncomfortable having the massage therapist work.  A good example is the adductor muscles located on the inner thighs. 

Have confidence that the massage therapist is trained in proper draping procedure and will ensure that your modesty is respected at all times.  However, if you feel uncomfortable at any time, you should let your massage therapist know so that the technique can be modified or skipped if necessary.

Another sensitive area is the gluteal area which resides in the area we call our “buttocks”.  These muscles are extremely important for posture, and tight “glutes” are a leading cause of sciatica (radiating pain down the leg) as well as postural problems resulting in low back pain. 

Some clients who need glute work prefer to have their glutes massaged through the sheet.  Other clients appreciate that without the sheet, effective gliding and pinning strokes can be used that can’t be done through the sheet.  Should you opt to allow the therapist to work without the sheet on your glutes, he or she will only reveal the area needed, and no more.  Your modesty will still be protected.  

Again, the massage therapist will discuss this with you and ensure that you are comfortable.  Many adaptations can be made according to your preference.  You may also find that after going to a massage therapist for some time that you become more comfortable.  If you have opted to have modifications but would like to see the regular technique, you can always ask to try it once. 

If at any time you determine you are uncomfortable and want to switch back to the modified technique, let your massage therapist know.  The key here is good communication.  Experienced massage therapists are used to this, and you will not offend them if you tell them you are uncomfortable.

Ask Spoiled Rotten Massage

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Questions are how we learn.  There are no “bad” questions (except the ones that go “un-asked”), and you should not feel shy about asking something you don’t know – even if you think that it may be embarrassing.  There is a very good chance that you aren’t the first person who has asked that question.

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