How Much Clothing Should

I Remove for a Massage?

How much clothing should I remove for my massage?

Again, this is entirely determined by you.  Most clients choose either to remove all clothing or remain in their underwear.  Some ladies will opt to keep their underwear on but remove their bra, for example.

Whatever you choose, the law requires that clients remain draped over private bodily areas during the entire procedure.  For women, this means the breasts remain draped, and for both genders all genital areas must always remain completely covered.  In female clients, if the abdomen will be accessed, a separate breast drape will be employed so that the abdomen can be exposed. 

Everyone is different in what is comfortable for them, and that is completely fine.  The massage is about you and is intended to help you relax, so just let your therapist know what your comfort level is and your wishes will be honored

spa massage by ocean How Much Clothing Should I Remove for my Massage?

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